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I'm Sidharth Malhotra, a software engineer aspiring to build sustainable and user-friendly systems by utilizing the power of Machine Learning, Blockchain and HCI.


















Material Design







AWS(RDS, EC2, Beanstalk)

Ethereum Smart Contracts

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card_travel EXPERIENCE

CCIS, Northeastern University Sep '18 - Present

HCI Teaching Assistant

Conduit Computing Jun '18 - Aug '18

Software Engineer Intern

CCIS, Northeastern University Jan '18 - Apr '18

HCI Teaching Assistant

Statusbrew Pvt. Lmt. Dec '16 - Aug '17

Software Engineer

Rakt.Org Aug '15 - Dec '16

Co-Founder and Developer

Web Bakerz Dec '13 - Dec '16



The Royal Game of Ur - Reinforcement Learning

Created Gym Environment and Agent to play strategic Game of Ur using Reinforcement Learning Methods.

Reinforcement Learning Open AI Python


A decentralized online portfolio application built using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Angular. Blockvitae allows users to create their online portfolio by adding personal details, work experience, social accounts, projects and education.

Smart Contracts Solidity Angular Angular Material

Contriver (private)

An image recognition based Twitter plugin ( for course CS5340) to suggest the best posting time based on the past tweets and to analyze the objects in the images based on the interactions built, using Twitter and Clarifai API

Clarifai API Twitter API Angular Angular Material Symfony PHP MySQL

Inspect Mail (private)

A REST-API service for third party applications to detect disposable or spam email addresses before registering them to their system. Inspect Mail provided an API key and secret to registered third party applications to generate queries. It utilized a database of more than 3000 disposable and spam domains to analyze email addresses.

Angular Angular Material Symfony PHP MySQL


A very minimal application ( for course CS5200) to connect local guides with tourists along with admin panel deployed on AWS and main focus given on database design and REST-API system using Java Spring Boot.

Spring Boot MySQL jQuery HTML CSS Bootstrap


Northeastern University, Boston, MA Sep '17 - Present

Master of Science in Computer Science

Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India Aug '13 - May '17

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering


Beginner's Guide to Blockchain - Explaining it to a 6 Year Old
Beginner's Guide to Blockchain - Explaining it to a 5 Year Old
Design Thinking — The Cognitive Science Behind User Experience
Beginner’s Guide to Lean UX — Assumptions, Hypotheses and MVP
Mistakes UX Designers Should Avoid During Product Design Process

Ryan Robinson

CEO, Conduit

format_quote First meeting Sidharth I knew he was extraordinarily intelligent and professional. The value he provided to us as a young startup was comparable to an experienced lead programmer. He was comfortable plunging into any part of product development-from design to implementation to project management-and succeeded at all of them. Not only that, Sidharth is someone you don’t have to worry about. If everything is going crazy as things usually are in a startup, Sidharth is someone you can always rely on. He was easily one of the biggest assets on the team and his transparency and down to earth attitude was consistently refreshing. He is clearly on his way to becoming one of the top professionals in his field and a leader in any company he joins and I am personally jealous of any team that gets to work with him.

Taylor Caforio

VP Growth, Conduit

format_quote Sidharth was able to come into Conduit as an intern at a high growth moment in time for the company, adjust to our chaotic schedules, and do more than what was asked of him. His knowledge of the cloud industry and computer science as a whole benefited our lead engineer and the other interns greatly. He made every meeting and was on time with all requests and projects given to him. He also has a great eye for relevant trends and information that would benefit the company and turning it into actionable insights. He was a catalyst of thoughtful collaboration and courteous as a team member. I couldn’t recommend Sidharth more!

Rishabh Mahajan

CTO, Statusbrew Pvt. Lmt.

format_quote I am very glad to have had Sidharth in the early days at Statusbrew. He was quick to learn new programming languages following the latest market trends and always delivered as per the schedule. Apart from being a self-taught technologist, he was always at the forefront in providing his inputs for the team building and recruitment for the next 10-20 people in the company. Despite being at his first ever job at our startup, he understood that he would need to take care of not just the role that he was hired for, but also provide support to other departments of the company in tasks like creating documentation, arrange recruitment drives and speaking on behalf of the company. I happily recommend him here on LinkedIn and do so in person whenever I have the opportunity.


Liked my work? Or have some feedback for me? Feel free to shoot me an email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.